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About Hughes WD

St. Johns Bridge, Portland Oregon Hughes WD is the sum of my work. This site has links to some of my past projects as well as links to all of my social media locations and an easy way to send me business related requests. My education is in software development and information management and that has continued to be my focus. I have an extensive background working with people and solving problems as well as a very logical mind so becoming a developer was a very easy choice to make. Graduation Cap Since I was young I’ve always been a problem solver and I have my parents and grandmother to thank for that. As I grew older I found that I love to learn, now education is a continuing passion of mine and I plan on continuing mine for the rest of my life. Of course none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for my loving other half and the support of the closest people to me.

Some of my Work

  • My Burrito Finder

    My Burrito Finder

    This is my favorite project up to this point and seeing how much people like it truly reaffirms my passion for writing software. Check out what Time, Gizmodo, Mental_Floss, Metro, Life Hacker, Food and Wine, and many more had to say about the project

  • Graveyard Tattoos

    Graveyard Tattoos

    I created a full web experience for the team over at Graveyard Tattoos after I was approached by the lead artist Angie Sanchez and asked to bring them into the modern age. This was a very fun and fulfilling project for me. Projects like this one keep me excited for what is to come.

  • Colors (App)

    Colors (App)

    Colors was a fun project I came up with when I wanted to see what some of the colors on my websites and other projects were going to look like on mobile devices to get a better idea before I chose them. After starting it I found out that I really enjoy writing small Android applications and can easily see how I can use this for other projects.

  • Mt. Hood CC

    Mt. Hood CC

    Mount Hood Community College was the foundation for my education. The advising team allowed me to basically construct my degree around application development and computer science. But more than that MHCC gave me the knowledge, skills and confidence to go out and obtain my dreams. My college education has changed my life and I have the team at MHCC to thank for that

  • Did You Know (App)

    Did You Know (App)

    Did You Know was my first Treehouse project to get in and learn more about Android development. I ended up having a lot of fun with this project and gathering up a few facts from my friends. This application was a learning experience more than a full running application but I plan on rebuilding it with a bunch of new things, should be easy now with all of the tools Android Studio has added.

  • Fire_Optic


    What about all of this awesome design? Of course there’s no way I could have pulled this off on my own. I needed the help of a good friend for that, one who knows a lot more about photography than I do. So I contacted Reese Blanke over at Fire Optic for most of my desktop images and some great design ideas. Anyone who loves the images and logo of this site should click this image and check him out.

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